Time to Heal

This rings true to me through this pandemic. We will overcome COVID-19 and we can use this time as an opportunity to change our methods and connection through life. The connection between us, people, and the earth has not changed - What has changed is how our lives affect the earth. I believe in the [...]

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The Beginning: A Husband’s Perspective

In April of 2019, my wife read a book that inspired her to quit trash, cold turkey. All plastic, processed food, and life as I knew it was gone. We didn’t just bring our own bags to the grocery store, it felt like we eliminated the grocery store. All of a sudden, over 30 vegetable [...]

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Compost Obsessed

I’m not sure why it happened but I’ve become obsessed with compost. It’s a recent thing but I’m pretty sure it’s a trend that will last. There is something overwhelmingly comfortable about using every little piece of your diet for something, whether it’s nutrients for the body or nutrients for our next crop.  We should [...]

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