In April of 2019, my wife read a book that inspired her to quit trash, cold turkey. All plastic, processed food, and life as I knew it was gone. We didn’t just bring our own bags to the grocery store, it felt like we eliminated the grocery store. All of a sudden, over 30 vegetable plants were growing in my living room under grow lights and being fed via a hydroponic watering system. If you drove by the house, you would surely notice the bright vibe provided by the grow lights and assume our rocky mountain home was budding with marijuana. You would be wrong. Vegetables, dude. 

Soap and shampoo as you know it. Gone. Dog food from a store in a plastic bag? You must be crazy. Strawberries and blueberries in their common plastic packaging. Don’t even think about it. Surely we could still purchase soil from the hardware store to grow our plants…. even if it did come in plastic bags. For the plants, you know? Wrong.

Butter. See ya. Meat is hard to find locally and when found…it’s wrapped in plastic. So long, brown cow. Toothpaste. Homemade. Body lotion. Homemade. Toilet paper…you’ve been replaced by bidets in each bathroom. Sauve!

Breaking the heart of old habits is the most difficult part. So she began sewing her own cotton bags to shop with. Her mom made washable cotton paper towel rolls to replace common paper towels. How many times a day do you reach for a paper towel? If you ask me, the answer is zero. Nada. Never. It took about three days before paper towels became so incredible unnecessary that it was laughable. Truly.

Not only do paper towels cost money….they kill trees, fill up emission pumping trash trucks, AND they add to the bulge in our landfills. Most importantly, they contribute to our common issue: our children and grandchildren will have to deal with our complacency for ignorance and destruction.

It may have started with a book and an inspired wife. It continues with common sense. And it will thrive because it’s the most important issue facing mankind.